About us

Welcome to Cali's Cures!

My store was created out of my desire to share a gift that was given to me with others. Meditation, crystals and Gemstones were introduced to me from someone very close and the experience opened up a realm I didn't know existed. I felt the energy, from the hollow of a geode, flow through me and I felt a peace I had not felt before. Meditation has not only improved my life, it has made it richer.

My experience with self-healing and meditation has enriched my life and inspired me to share my joy and passion with a community that shares my enthusiasm. Life is hard and we need outlets of expression and ways to care for and nurture ourselves. Many caregivers forget they need care as well and that is where I want to make a difference.

Social media is very busy and fast-paced and my page is geared at slowing everything down so you can be in the moment for more moments throughout your day. My hope for everyone is to take advantage of meditation to give them a new strength, energy, and a zest for life as it has for me.

I explore around Minnesota at art fairs and local shops for unique stones and accessories to highlight on my page. In 2023, I am making plans for an outing somewhere in Minnesota. It's theme will be "Grateful to Mother Earth" and will be my first field trip for the participants who want to join me.

I created a page that is strictly for the pleasure of all who come. A page that only talks about you and how to pamper yourself. My page will be about happy and informative subjects that will make you laugh or at least smile.  I'm excited to have a platform to build a community of pleasure seekers like me. Sounds super cool!

I share wellness tips and techniques to try and lessen anxiety that will reduce stress levels in seconds. It is amazing what 30 seconds of deep breathing can do for a person. My store supports the needs of those who practice meditation as a way of life. Most of my products are crystals, gemstones, and digital meditation downloads. Understanding that blocked chakras and being ungrounded can take you way off center. I will share techniques on how to remedy these issues and clear up what is blocked and return you to your center asap.

Amethyst, Tourmaline, and Selenite in my opinion are a few of heavens gifts here for all of us to utilize and I believe they are Earths remedy for many things that ail us. 

Begin your journey of healing your body and calming your mind today! Here is your first smile! Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live! I'm glad you're here!